Official release on June 21, 2022 of the digital album "Pli kaj plu" by KORVAKS

Pli Kaj Plu Kovrilo 500px

A year after his debut EP Memorante Gondolandon, Korvaks is back with another round of Gondoland-inspired goodies in Pli kaj plu.

Korvaks (Auckland, New Zealand) delivers this 15-track album that perpetuates his electronic style, giving a little more variety, even playing guitar.

We therefore invite you to discover this second edition of Kovaks by presenting Pli kaj plu for free download.

The digital album is available for download from June 21, 2022 on the album page, see here:


Music video "Tagmanĝo" by Korvaks:


Music video "Mi bedaŭras, Paŭlo"